This who we are,
and what we can do for you!

We add flavour

We do everything we can to make your meal or event special and tasty.
We love to spice things up and cater with a twist.
Off course you want us to be good. Don’t worry: we are!

Seasons change, so does our menu

We use ingredients that fit the season.
They not only taste better, it’s better for our environment and thereby for you.
We keep it pure, fresh and simple.

We can stand the heat

Ok. Here’s the thing.
You can ask us everything, and we are crazy enough to say yes to almost everything.
If we say no, you can be sure it’s impossible.

Our employees, supplier and partners

share our passion for craftsmanship & quality
Respect, teamwork and reciprocity.
That’s what we strive for in our partnerships.
We want to accomplish a relationship that works both ways.
We challenge each other with only one goal: growth.
That’s how we like it. Everybody wins.

We are Crazy Kitchen

We make high quality lunches and dinners.
We cook with love and respect for seasons, ingredients and nature.
We like to mix it up and try to cook up different things.
We add a spoonful of surprise, so we can deliver an extraordinary experience.
We are nuts about good food.